Charloe - 2013 American Cheese Society winner , 2012 & 2014 Good Food Award Winner

        Type patterned after: Cheesemakers own creation

 Aged: 2 months (Charloe)

  Description: Starting off with sweet cream and butter flavors it finishes with a toasted peanut essence (no peanuts used in production). As it continues to age, the flavors become more pronounced and bolder.  


 Named for the little town of Charloe. This town was a boom town during the canal era. It was also home to the Charloe Indians and housed the counties first court house.


Wabash Erie Canal

Type patterned after: Gruyere/Comte

Aged: 9 months (Wabash Erie Canal)

Description: Nutty with a complex finish


Named for one of the two canals which run just a couple of miles from the farm running east and west.


Flat Rock

Type patterned after: Abondance ( a French mountain cheese)

Aged: 6 months (Flat Rock)

        Description: A wonderful combination of a sweet and nutty cross blended together

Named for the creek a crossed the road from the farm.



Black Swamp Gouda

Type patterned after: Tomme/farmhouse style, loosely on a gouda recipe

Aged: 3 months

Description: This natural rind cheese ranges from creamy and mild to harder and sharper depending upon when it is made during the year. Changes much more drastically than any of the other cheeses.

Named after the Great Black Swamp in northwest Ohio. This swamp at one time covered approximately 3 million acres.


Varieties only available at the farm and select farmers markets


 mmBossie Cheddar - not available for wholesale

Type patterned after: stir curd cheddar

Aged: 60 days - 6 months

Description: a super mild cheese


mmboss, mmboss, brings the cows into the barn when it is time for milking.